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3 -Day Workshop In The Greater St. Louis Area Coming
July 2019
If you’ve ever thought about getting started in real estate but didn’t know how or where to get the money, then you must attend this workshop, led by the country's most successful real estate investors.
At the REI Success Summit you’ll find out what works right now to find & flip houses In the St. Louis area and beyond!
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  • Where to find houses you can buy for as little as 30% - 70% under market value.
  • How to get other people’s money to fund your real estate business even without using your own cash or credit.
  • Why you don’t need any prior experience to start right now!
  • Why Flipping properties IS NOT like what you see on TV and the reality “behind the scenes”.
  • How to sell properties fast without lifting a hammer, doing any repairs, or dealing with tenants.  (WOW!  No plungers!)
  • And so, so, so much more! 
Who Is The REI Success Summit?
Nicholas Baur & Andrew Werner are some of the nation’s leading residential real estate investors. With over 21 years experience each they have bought and sold thousands of properties totaling just shy of $1 Billion.
They’ve seen the best and worst of markets – and believe right now there is a huge window for anyone to invest in real estate in St. Louis – and they are going to take it to the "NEXT LEVEL" for you!

Both seasoned investors, they understand the importance of proper training before taking flight. Thus, REI Success Summit was created to help everyday people take advantage of the knowledge business...forget the traditional professor that is not actually investing.  Not hiding behind "other peoples' book learning"  but we are in the trenches EVERY DAY!

Heck, why doesn't EVERYONE take the chance that we did?

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Learn What Works Right Now From Two of The Country's Most Active Real Estate Investing Entrepreneurs!

Rick Gibson
We are now at almost 300 doors!
There's a couple things I want to add we touched on some of them but I'm serious about this...
This would not have occurred without Southside investment Club.  I mentioned,  a couple of the parks we came into but it's more than that,  the Monday night meetings are 45 miles from home...but I MUST go!  It has made all the difference in the world.

I'm a very early riser, so getting home at 11:00 or 11:30 after we go have a beer or something is tough sometimes.  However, one of the reasons is this word we've talked about - "accountability".  You know every month we talk about OK what have YOU accomplished.  I think that that has a lot to do with it, being able to show accountability to the group.

I said I was going to do this I am going to start on that or I'm going to move that along so I don't have to say I did nothing but there's more than that.  There's a synergistic effect.

With the group I know for sure that if I run into a problem there is somebody in that group who can solve - that has had that problem that has been there knows how to solve it or what have you you know on there and when you and everybody cheers for each other, and that's why I like going to the meeting so it is worth the investment for me in time to do that.

So you've (SSIC) created that environment Nick and if anybody is thinking about it about joining the Inner Circle, if you participate and you show up you attend these events, you will succeed.   Literally we're about to finish a rehab in Webster that the way the markets going in there. We picked it up on a Show Me Bus Tour with SSIC.   We're going to get multiple offers in about four weeks.

Three weeks there Dan (my partner) said, when's the next three-day or bus tour to look for our next rehab?

So thank you for what you've put together.  Hey man, it's been a pleasure.
Jerry Meyer
I acquired my first property in only 3 weeks!
Since Joining, I have put 3 houses under contract in 3 weeks. I joined just over a month ago and could not be happier with my experience to date. Although I have been involved in one form or another of the real estate business since 1986, I realized that in some ways I had fallen behind the learning curve. 

The new techniques and systems that I have learned have really helped jump start my renewed excitement for the business. Since joining I have put 3 deals under contract in 3 weeks and am looking at several more. 

The camaraderie among the other members is great also, and much of what you learn will be from your fellow members. So whether you are a novice or old pro in the real estate business I would highly recommend them to help take your game to another level.
Vic Meldrum
...Simply put...the SouthSide Investment Club taught me systems that allowed me to make $72,000 on a single flip!  Thank you Nick!
Bob and Chris Juengel
Through Inner Circle Coaching, we learned the technique needed to net 42K on one deal!
Joe Behan
In August of 2015 I started looking for a new house for myself. And of course that means that after a year and a half I'm now a landlord!? That being said I'm pretty dang proud of my little portfolio!
Lane Foretz
The South Side Investment Club helped me learn RE Investing and ultimately launch my business. During my first year in the industry, I learned how to buy and refinance rental property through the BRRR method. This allowed me to purchase 5 rental properties in my first year in real estate with a relatively low amount of money out of my pocket! I am now successfully running my RE business full time. I owe much of my success to the knowledge I garnered while being part of the SSIC Inner Circle.
See What Other Attendees Have to Say...
Rodney West
After 2 years I have bought nearly 70 properties!
If you want to know how savvy investors are getting the BEST DEALS in real estate while you struggle to find JUST ONE that suits your needs, you need to contact Andy Werner and his team.
I was one of the struggling investors less than 2 years ago before I met Andy. He [and his partner] helped guide me in the right direction, and showed me the ins and outs of buying at auction where there are great prices on NICE homes DAILY…You get an almost unfair advantage over the other novice investors bidding at the auction because of the years of experience knowing what to bid on and what to watch out for. It is their business to watch out for you so you don’t make a costly mistake.
Now, after 2 years of using their service I have bought nearly 70 properties at auction and have made GREAT RETURNS! Not only have I found a way to consistently buy properties at a bargain, I’ve also built a trusting relationship with the guys. I know they always have my best interest in mind when working with them.
James Brauner
Hey Nick - This One Netted 40K!
As you know, I really jumped into this Full Steam and honestly, you know, the being a part of the SouthSide Investment Club of course was a huge confidence Builder...excited.

I mean I knew how to work on houses, but from the business side of things and how to find the deals, I didn't know what I was getting into or what we were doing at all and I feel like networking with a club of people that are doing these things was was really essential. It gave me the kind of the boost that I think I needed.

...You know, we scraped the money together and we figured out how to buy Bates.
Originally, we're going to rent it, but I started working on it seeing it come together and I'm like, there's a shortage of nice, low $100,000 move in quality houses on the market and my wife being an agent, she kept telling me we should try to sell this thing and she's like, we got a really good shot at making some money on this house because we really bought it right and with me doing all the work which was six months of evenings and weekends.

Yes, leaving a rehab who can going and doing more rehab so, you know, push me to the point of almost burn out, but we're almost at the Finish Line we close on the 13th. And that what you said is right after we did some repairs to the exterior and replaced the cast iron sewers sewer lines.

We're going to make a right around 40 Grand.

With a which essentially was an in the initial investment was about 50 is 49 and some change to buy the house. That's not too shabby. Thanks!
Teresa Perrine
He took this novice all the way to success
In January of 2012 my husband and I were approached to become the master lessee of a 30 unit distressed apartment complex close to the Arizona State University campus. Andy helped us to see the potential of real estate as a retirement plan for us. Andy helped us negotiate a deal with the owners that included no money down and sweat equity to manage the apartments with an option to buy the complex in October of 2015. We had no prior experience in apartment management or owning real estate. He helped us assess the value of the complex, the risk vs. the potential financial gain and the amount of sweat equity that we would have to put into the complex to be able to purchase the property. He helped us set realistic goals for stabilizing the apartment and monitor cash flow for capital improvements. He also coached us in how to find and negotiate with vendors to maximize the income we would generate the first year.

In just one year the owners came back offering to buy us out for $200k. Andy once again helped us navigate what the potential payoff vs. the 200k offer and with his knowledge of the real estate market we decided to pass on the offer. We are now starting the process to purchase the property under his guidance.

I wholeheartedly endorse Andy. His skill and understanding of dealing with distressed properties and bringing economic value to them is unprecedented. He has an easy manner about him that makes asking the stupid questions less intimidating to ask. He also has the skill level to guide the novice first timer to success in easy small steps to reach the economic goals in a reasonable time. He has let us know what were reasonable risks to take and what were unwise risks to take. He is principled in his dealings which makes trusting his mentoring easy. We always wanted to become property owners but had no idea how to get started. Andy solved that for us. I have grown as a business woman and a person. Our financial plans for retirement are within our reach and more than what we had dreamed possible. I am grateful for his coaching and you will be too.
Why we created this free seminar...
We love real estate and what it can bring to secure the futures of families, want-to-be-retirees, and anyone who wants more freedom in their everyday life. 
 It is not that hard, you just need a good system to use and follow to prevent mistakes. 
Our goal is to open St. Louisians' mindset to the possibilities and avenues in real estate. From wholesaling a property to creating rental income to flipping and how to do all of this with no money out of your pocket. This is all possible with just basic level knowledge that we teach. 
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